On next weeks episode we are going to talk about raising the stakes. This is where the challenges for the protagonist (the good guy) get harder and harder. As his character grows and the plot unfolds, you have to raise the stakes. What he can possibly loose becomes greater.  What he has to accomplish becomes harder.  This works for the antagonist (the bad guy) as well. As the bad guy's plan becomes threatened by the protagonist, the bad guy has more to loose and his goal gets harder to achieve. Look at any movie and try to recognize the stakes.  Try to see when those stakes are raised. 
Comments are open below. Tell us what movie you recently saw and where the stakes where raised. 




All stories, no matter the genre, have three Acts: beginning, middle, and end. This is the basic three act structure. However, there are more in-depth breakdowns of structure that follow what is called the seven act structure (Checkout, www.writeyourscreenplay.com. The site offers seminars to teach the seven act structure). It is interesting to me that there is this back and forth unrest on proper structure and how the three act structure hinders creativity. The natural development of story and the seven act structure is supposed to break it all down into manageable chunks, allowing the writer more creativity to build their story. I say again, “Their story.”

Personally, I like the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet www.savethecat.com.

The beat sheet breaks down the three act structure into manageable chunks that actually help with the development of the story.

Here is a brief explanation.

Opening image.
Theme Stated.
Break into Two.

B Story.
Fun and Games.
Bad Guys Close In.
All Is Lost.
Dark Night of the Soul.
Break into Three.

Final Image.

I think this is broken down well enough into manageable chunks. If you want a breakdown and examples of each of these beats, go to www.savethecat.com.

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